Trail camera captures an amazing parade of animals crossing a forest path

If you have gone on a forest walk before, you might have been lucky enough to see brief glimpses into the natural state of the wildlife, but this video captured rare footage of nature without human observation.

Trail cameras can be an effective way to see what animals look like when they are unaware that anyone is watching. The video this creator created is a beautiful testament to the nature we often miss.

This footage came from a hiking trail in the Lightfoot Pack and represented a year of wildlife traveling along the trail and going about their lives without any human intervention.

Most films portray life in the wild as a constant battle to survive, but this video shows that nature can be peaceful, calm and relaxed. Predator and prey both use the same trail.

On this one trail, alone, black bears, wolves, beavers, deer and more cross the same path. This is the same path that many humans would take when they take an afternoon trek through the woods.

While most hikers will only see these trails when the skies are sunny and clear, wildlife use this same trail morning and night whether it rained or a blanket of snow covered the ground.

Whether you are someone who loves nature or you are looking for a slice of calm amidst your normal day, take a moment to peer through this window into the wildlife on this Northwoods trail.

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Trail camera captures an amazing parade of animals crossing a forest path