Trainers Explain What They Look For In Pups In Order To Become Service Dogs!

Service dogs are amazing! They do incredible things to aid and protect us all the while loving us to death. Clearly a doggie that has a vocation for service and rescue is made of a different mettle! Whether they’re fighting crime and helping to protect their human partners, or helping their beloved person through a debilitating illness, working dogs are truly our very best friends.

Nor every dog can receive training to be a working dog, they have to show certain innate abilities that make them great candidates for the job. Prospective pups go through an exhaustive selection process. Trainers look for little guys that display loyalty, intelligence, and a calm disposition.  After all, these pups will have to be capable of making decisions for their owner, and maintaining a relaxed demeanor no matter what.

However even more amazing still, the trainers have identified even some physical characteristics tan can help predict how likely a dog is to succeed as a guide animal,  in the video below you will be able to satisfy your curiosity about this particular guide to select talented working dogs.

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