Trans-portable home has daring color choice, but it’s the hi-tech toilet that’s raising eyebrows

You may not have heard of a company called “Tiny Green Cabins” but after watching the clip below you may well start to think about how and where you live. Tiny Green Cabins are a company that specialize in the manufacture of custom built transportable, sustainable tiny houses, micro homes cabins and airstream travel trailers. Now that’s a lot of products. Basically if you have an idea for downsizing your living lifestyle, these guy will build it for you.

In the clip we get to meet a firefighter from Savannah, Georgia, who has decided to change the way she lives, and has had her own tiny new home custom made. Nicki Jo Davis made the decision to change her lifestyle and came up with the idea of a Victorian style home that would suit her needs. There are many people around the country that are now downsizing as they realize that their needs are changing and that the little home concept suits them and the new chosen way of living.

Nicki’s new home has some very clever features. There is the solar panels on the roof of the 22ft x 8ft potable home. These panels are capable of keeping her off the grid for some time and can power most of the appliance in her new home. There is plenty of closet space as well as a combination washer-dryer to cope with all of her laundry requirements. The kitchen features a full size sink and plenty of bench space as well as an electric refrigerator with freezer. There is storage space under the floor and Nicki has plan to install an over-head projector unit for her home-entertainment-system.

The home is 13 and a half foot high, so head room is not a problem. But the two things that stand out about this trailer will surprise you. First Nicki’s choice of colors is quit unique. She chose her favorite colors of teal, magenta, bright green and purple. Nicki says that it is completely ridiculous, but she just loves it and wouldn’t have it any other way. Then there is the bathroom. This has a full size shower, sink, large mirror that is just the right height for her frame, extra storage space and cupboards. But the pièce de résistance is the amazing technology of her toilet.

Her hi-tech-toilet is an incinerating-toilet. Yes, you read that right, an incinerating, waterless toilet that creates a sterilize ash rather than unsightly grey-water. This is a new thing that I have never heard of before but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Click on the link below and be amazed at Nicki’s remarkable new tiny-home, then think about whether or not you would like to make the change, and downsize you way-of-living.