Trapped Horse Was Struggling To Survive. Then? Her Owner Did Something Totally Unimaginable!

Animals are all innocent creatures and do not have consciousness like humans do. It is the reason why most of times animals find themselves trapped in all kinds of places. Mostly animals are not familiar with man-made things and get stuck in it helplessly. This video features a horse who found herself stuck in a hole after she fell through wooden boards in a garage. And the rescue that followed next is absolutely dramatic!

This horse couldn’t get out of the hole herself because it was very deep, and because the horse was too heavy it was not possible for the owner to help her alone. That is why, this owner called fire fighters for help. As soon as they arrived they started to shove the hay into the hole so that horse would be able to lift herself up. But unfortunately, this white horse was exhausted as she was trying to get out of the hole for a whole night. However, just then the owner said something that encouraged the horse to try one more time.

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