The Treats Are Too High Up For Him, But It’s Not Over Yet For This Intelligent Dog!

If you’re one of the lucky people who has the great joy of living with a dog in your home, you must know that pups will do just about anything to get their favorite snacks and treats. No stake is high enough to stop an excited pupper from getting on his favorite dish. The cute dog that is shown in the following video is a perfect example of that, and you’ll see why in just a few scrolls down. I’ve lived with some very cheerful pups before, but I’ve never seen one like him!

What happens in the video goes a little bit like this: the dog’s human friend left some of his favorite treats on top of the kitchen counter, and when the cute pup smells them, he gets determined to reach them. He’s a bit small, and the counter is quite up high, so he is forced to use his brains instead of his brawn to be able to get out of this one with luck on his side. You’ll be stunned when you see the awesome trick he did to reach his food!

Watch this clever dog get away with it in the video right below. Share it on Facebook with your friends!

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