He Treats That Woman Like A Leader. But Wait Till You See Him Do THIS Next! Unbelievable!

The lady featured in the video below is named Or Lazmi. She is a petite woman who has managed to befriend a group of four stunning lions at a privately-owned wildlife park in South Africa. The lions were familiar to her since they were tiny little cubs and they have a sense of mutual respect amongst them. They treat her as the leader of their pride.

Lions are the second largest big cats in the world after tigers. They are often referred to as the king of the jungle. Or Lazmi wants to make the public aware of these beautiful predators by interacting with them. She is so confident that the lions, two males and two females, will behave themselves, visitors are even allowed into the enclosure. The woman reporting on the story goes into their habitat to meet the lions, but she doesn’t look so confident.

The wildlife park intends to release these humanly-raised lions out into the wild once they are older, hoping to prove that the lions in captivity can be restored to their natural habitat once again. Or Lazmi makes it clear that if she weren’t in the enclosure, no one else could enter. The lions are still wild animals. They have to be in order to survive once they are released.

These lions look like adults, but they are only 17 months old, which is not that old for a lion. They are stunning animals. I have to say, this reporter handles herself well during this report.

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