Treehouse tiny home is sleek, modern, and practical


Tiny homes have become a recent fad in the last decade as people realize that living sustainably can be both fulfilling and enjoyable. Various tiny homes have become famous worldwide for their sleek design and convenient layout, and one recent one is a treehouse in the state of Washington.


This tiny magical cabin was built by a couple, Max and Tatiana, on Whidbey Island and is their unique cozy vacation and rental home. Having a passion for the northern outdoors of the United States, the couple wanted to find a place to escape to that felt like they were living in nature. When various tree houses were unavailable to rent, they decided to build their own, and that’s how the dream began.

Whidbey Island lies about an hour from Seattle and can only be accessed via a ferry; this area was chosen as the couple loved both the seclusion of the site and the nature surrounding it.

It took about two years for the couple to get the project moving; this included permits and finding a reputable builder, yet in the end, the couple ended up building most of the home themselves with some help from Wild Tree Woodworks out of Seattle.


When designing the tree house, Max and Tatiana wanted to ensure that the tree house had the best of both worlds, including a traditional wood feeling accompanied by modern touches and appliances.

The treehouse is a structural masterpiece held in the air by four trees and one pole at the back of the house. Custom-made steel braces hold the structural beams in place and were made by Ballard Forge. Furthermore, their engineer helped create struts and strut brackets to ensure the beams stayed in place.

The treehouse is engineered perfectly, allowing it to sway in winds reaching up to 110 mph without causing any cause for concern. The structural integrity of the tree house can even withstand an earthquake of around 9.1.

The base of the treehouse reaches around 14 feet of the ground, and the peak of the home reaches 31 feet. The trees supporting the home via brackets are all around 50 years old and are perfect for supporting a structure of this kind.


Moving inside the home, it has a floor plan of around 320 square feet, which provides plenty of room for a tiny house. The home’s walls are all birch plywood, giving it a subtle yet homely feel. This is coupled together with various wooden tables and finishes everywhere, giving it a modern look.

The various light fixtures and frames throughout the home are all black, which provides an excellent contrast with the birch wood. Overall, the tiny house has a beautiful, cozy, modern aesthetic.

The home comes with a complimentary bottle of wine made by Max’s brother, various board games, and books for guests, which keeps them entertained as they hide in this magical treehouse away from the modern world. If guests decide to opt for a movie, wifi is also included.

The tree house can easily sleep four people; one fold-out sofa bed sleeps two comfortably, and a beautiful ladder takes the other guests up to the loft, where they will find the bedroom. The bedroom has outstanding 360-degree views and even a look at the water on one side.

Below is a kitchen fully equipped to make any of your favorite meals. A deck extends over the home’s side and includes a great lake view during the clearer months. Guests can enjoy a morning coffee or a nice glass of wine as the sun goes down.

This tiny tree house is a magical getaway that provides guests with a cozy wooden home with all the modern touches.

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Treehouse tiny home is sleek, modern, and practical