He Sings a Tearful Tribute For His Mom and Even Simon Cowell Starts to Cry

America's Got Talent 2018

Listen to this amazing musical family from Oregon as they play this tearful tribute and very moving song. I think this is my favorite performance of America’s Got Talent of all time because there was so much emotion.

The brother-sister trio sound amazing together. The lyrics are powerful and emotional, and you could tell they were singing from their hearts. It takes a lot to make an audience feel what you want them to feel — and they did just that. Their performance is mesmerizing and moving.

I truly loved this song. I hope they get picked up by a record label because they are ready for the mainstream with their beautiful and memorable performance. I hope this family goes far, not just in this competition, but also with their musical careers whch will certainly follow because they are amazing.

The lyrics were so meaningful and touching, but not only that: they can SING. America, this is true talent right here! I don’t think I’ve ever cried on a song as much as I did with this. As one viewer confessed, “Okay I’ll be perfectly honest, coming into this I thought this would be yet another so-so band/musician, but boy was I mistaken! This was a genuinely well-written song and their voices are captivating. The lyrics and the story behind it adds a layer of sincerity, and I really hope they go far.” We do, too.

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So much emotion. So much talent. So much heart.  These kids deserve to win. (Let’s clap for the brother in the back who played the piano and the drums throughout the whole song.)

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I’m honestly surprised this didn’t get a golden buzzer! This is one of the best and most emotional performances I’ve seen! I guess the blessing of them not getting it is the fact that we get to hear more of them.

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He Sings a Tearful Tribute For His Mom and Even Simon Cowell Starts to Cry