They Tried To Trick This Tiny Dog. What She Does? UNBELIEVABLE!

Is it just my idea, or are dogs nowadays smarter than they have ever been? Every day, we’re seeing new videos of dogs doing incredible things, but this one may just take the cake. Pet owners might misunderstand their animals very often, thinking that they can’t be very smart just because they don’t use clothes or words like human beings do.

The next video features a great show of the level of intelligence that a dog can achieve. The dog that stars in it might look like she’s still too tiny and young, but you will soon know that her wits are way beyond her years. Her name is Miss Misa Minnie, and she’s lucky enough to live a happy life with her family on the sunny South California.

It’s common to think that dogs like Minnie are not as clever as the big and more trainable ones, but it’s a misconception. Minnie works as a therapy dog in a hospital to help the sick children, and she’s been trained to be the most amazing assistance doggy you will ever see. See how smart she is in the next clip!

Watch this dog’s wits for yourself in the video we put right below.

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