When She Tries To Get Her Leg Over Her Head But Fails, Her Dog Has The Best Reaction! LOL!

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your dog doesn’t like when you’re doing something without them? They’ll do everything they can to get your attention. Even resort to crazy antics.

And in this video, the dog is far too eager to show his owner how to properly do the yoga pose she is struggling with.

When you see how effortlessly this dog performs an extremely difficult yoga move that takes some people years and perhaps even a lifetime to perfect, you won’t be able to stop from smiling.

It’s not a coincidence that one of yoga’s most famous poses, downward dog, is named after our furry best friends. Dogs seem to take to yoga quite naturally actually.

Watch the video to see the female owner trying to put her leg behind her head in an exceedingly difficult yoga pose. The struggle is obvious.

But when you see how effortlessly her dog does the exact same move, you’ll be blown away. The dog simply scoops his leg up behind his head and holds the posture until the owner is done.

The dog is so proud of himself for being able to outperform his master at yoga. Watch and see how he just stares at her with a serene yogic look on his face – all while having his leg behind his head…

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