She tries to take corn-on-the-cob away from porcupine; he says, “My corn!”

If someone asked you to imagine a cute animal, what would come to mind would likely be a puppy, kitten, or maybe a bunny. There’s no way you’d say, “Oh, I know. Here’s a cute one: a porcupine!”

You might ask what’s cute about an animal whose sharp quills fairly scream, “Stay away from me!” We’ve all seen photos of unfortunate dogs with dozens of those quills stuck in their snouts. And yes, if you encounter a porcupine in the wild, give the animal a wide berth: respect, common sense, and self-interest! A porcupine has something like 30,000 quills, although normally they rest flat and merely serve to help keep the animal warm. It’s only when a porcupine feels threatened that the quills stick out. Not only does that make the porcupine look larger and more frightening, but if deterrence fails, the quills are more easily pulled off — off the porcupine, that is, not who or whatever was foolish enough to attack it.

A porcupine named Teddy Bear is wonderful proof that even a creature covered with thousands and thousands of razor-sharp quills can actually be really cute. He was an orphan when he was rescued and now he’s in residence at Zooniversity, a wildlife sanctuary and educational center near Dallas. His caretaker Allison has built an amazing bond with him, thanks in no small part to the treats she gives him. Sweet potatoes are a favorite but as you’ll see in the video posted below, corn-on-the-cob really drives Teddy Bear wild. Allison gives him half an ear, which he eagerly tuck into. When she suggests he share and pretends to try and take it away from him, Teddy Bear makes noises that have to be heard to be believed. You’ll swear he says, “My corn!”

No wonder the video has over 8 million views! This orphaned porcupine who was lucky to survive now has a following that puts most YouTubers to shame. Let us know what you think of this “talking” porcupine in the comments at Facebook. Don’t forget to like and share!