Triplets grow up homeless and without parents. Bad result, right? Look at them now!

About 50 years ago, the idea of someone having triplets was something out of a fairy tale. Because fertility clinics did not exist, multiple births were very rare, to say the least. Having more than two babies would most likely make the evening news. When couples had triplets, they were filled with a lot of questions as to how they would be able to raise three babies at the same time. These questions remain hard to answer for couples in that scenario. Sometimes people end up giving their babies up for adoption.

Now imagine growing up as a triplet without having that support from your parents. Parents of twins and triplets have an immense influence on their kids. When a child must grow up without this support, he or she is often left with many problems. There are times that they grow up in foster care and are together for a brief time. As soon as they start to get adopted, twins and triplets are often separated, never to see what will be of them later in life.

For the Yeckes, the list of hardships that they’ve endured is extensive. They have overcome several pitfalls in their lives and are doing even better than kids with existing parents. This is the story of the Yeckes: Sierra, Kassidy, and Haley. Their journey from being in despair to having done pretty well for themselves, considering that they grew up without their parents.

As far as they are concerned, it has been the undying support they have given each other which has kept them going. When interviewed by 3 News Las Vegas, Sierra said: “The three of us have relied on each other as a support system and that helped a lot actually… so, I think if we hadn’t had that, if we were all single children or if we were even different ages we’d be in a different situation.”

These three girls have had it uphill. They have been homeless and with very little money to buy clothes and even food. They work jobs to support themselves in addition to working hard in school to get good grades. “When we were 3-months-old, our mother died and then our dad went to prison and we lived with our grandmother for a while,” Sierra told FOX5 Las Vegas in a recent interview.

Their grandmother wasn’t much of a believer in school. So, they ended up going to school until they were 8-years-old. That same year their father got out of prison. They thought reconnecting with him was promising, so they went to live with him for a while. Unfortunately, he would be gone much of the time, sometimes for weeks or months on end. They were not only capable of making it, but managed to graduate high school with flying colors. Wait until you see what FOX5 Surprise Squad has in store for them!