A Farmer Takes a Seat in an Empty Field and Starts Playing Trombone, But Look Who Comes Running To Enjoy His Music

Farmer Derek KlingenbergWatch this charming video where a farmer, Derek Klingenberg, takes a seat in the middle of an empty paddock and begins to play his trusty trombone. 

As the doleful chords of Lorde’s “Royal,” struggle slowly from the farmer’s instrument it appears that he is alone in the world, but that can be the life of a farmer. Fortunately, this farm is of the musical variety and knows how to keep himself entertained.

Farmer with trombone in the field, cows come running to the musicNevertheless, far away in the distance, a moving shape appears on the horizon. From the far side of the field, the lonely figure of a cow lumbers toward the pied piper of paddocks.

She is soon joined by some of her sisters, then more of the ladies hove into view and make a bee-line to their musical keeper. Soon it is a veritable stampede of bovine beauties, hurrying over to see what all the noise is about.

When the herd of cows all arrive, they form a respectful semi-circle around him, giving him space to weave his magic for their appreciation. But do cows enjoy music? Are they just being curious? I think it’s both! I think they indeed are pleased that their guy is treating them to this lovely melody. Cows are a lot smarter than most people realize.

There are innumerable videos of cows on YouTube responding to music, and they seem to be discerning audiences, being drawn more to lovely, slower tunes. Many dairy farmers play gentle music to their cows in the milking shed and swear by the benefits. I’m not joking! They surmise that slow music was relaxing and alleviated stress, which resulted in healthier, happier cows.

At any rate, with that tidbit of scientific knowledge shared, let’s get to the reason why you’re here. You gotta watch till the end when they all respond with their moos. That’s awesome!

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