We All Have Troubles in High School. When You Hear Daniel’s Dilemna, You Won’t Believe Your Ears!

High school is a stressful time of our lives. For some, it may be the best, others may seem like they have it great. However, with many different approaches in media, we’ve seen a variety of takes on high school. We realize all to late the ones who are popular have can have a slew of different problems that we don’t immediately recognize. It can be deeper than the skin thick persona we take on socially. However, we sometimes see those we are more than comfortable with being themselves in any situation.

One of the many social events we experience during school can shape how me interact or ways we see ourselves. A lot of social events for school are about unification. To create a fun friendship or possibly more. Yet for these instances have such a friendly and welcoming tone, most just go to see friends, to be a part of something bigger. Such was one lucky students experience.

Daniel Revis, a seventeen-year-old attending …. Was excited to go to the homecoming dance. Though, many girls he asked had politely declined the boy’s invitation. Much to his dismay, it appears he would have to skip the dance and try for the next one. No one likes to go to a dance alone.

One girl decided that she wasn’t going to be shallow and there’s more to people than just a skin-deep value. She asked Daniel out and was accepted. He regained the excitement he had once lost. Daniel was just overcome with emotions, mainly happiness. A date had found him and he was on his way to enjoying a tradition high school experience! It always feels nice to fit in.

Then, Fox news came in. They surprised the couple, hopefully staged, and took them out for quite a night on the town. The first stop was an Italian restaurant the mother had been dying to go to. After the delicious high class spaghetti and meatballs, they were chauffeured to their dance. Fox news amazingly beat them there, only to surprise them with a shockingly tremendous gift.

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