Trucker Gives New Waitress A Tough Order To Follow. Her Response To It? Perfect.

There are times when you enter a new workplace and it seems like they are speaking an alien language. They have their own acronyms and words that can take you days to parse. It can be quite intimidating and the last thing you want to do at a new job is to appear like you can’t catch up. This joke about someone encountering something like this at their new job should make anyone who has been through this smile.

A new waitress is at a trucker diner. One walks in and orders “three flat tires, two headlights and a running board.” That makes no sense to her, so she asks the cook. It seems to her like the trucker is in the wrong place. The cook patiently explains that “three flat tires” are pancakes. The “Headlights” are two scrambled eggs, sunny-side up. The “running board” is two strips of bacon. It seems like there’s a learning curve at this job. She gladly will do it… but not without some humor.

The zinger comes at the end. She gives the trucker some beans. Puzzled, he asks her why she did that. “While you’re waiting for your order, I thought you might want to gas up.” Then there’s the most annoying laugh track in history. Because beans give people gas (flatulence)! It’s cute but I think that if I told this joke at a comedy club, a lot of the audience might suddenly realize that they have to go to work early the next morning…

It does seem like diners have their own language, though. Well, the older diners, that is. I’ve been to quite a few diners recently and they are pretty straightforward with their language. Then again, truckers don’t frequent these places. If I visited a trucker diner, I’d probably feel like a stranger in a strange land. Then I would be the butt of their jokes, not the other way around.

I thought this was an amusing joke. Not Top 10 material or anything like that, but it did get a chuckle. How about you? What did you think? Please leave a comment for us below!

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