Trucker sees horrific crash and runs to help. Without knowing, his dash cam catches a miracle.

Many people die each day on America’s highways. Some of them, as a result of drinking and driving, while others by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. For many people, the statistics are so frightening that they stop driving altogether. Much has been said about the statistics of having something bad like that happen to you. You can analyze it all you want, but it’s impossible to predict when something like this is going to occur. I’ve seen a lot of evidence in videos of close calls. A man is walking down the street when suddenly, a car is seen drifting from one side of the street to the other. The car passes just inches away from the pedestrian and crashes a few yards ahead. The man is left wondering what happened but has suffered no injuries. Many people might call that good luck while others call it destiny.

I had something like that happen to me many years ago. I was playing outside with my friends. We were taking turns making it down a hill on a bicycle. The bicycle was in good condition, except for the fact that it didn’t have any breaks. Being able to maneuver that bicycle took a lot of concentration and coordination. Because it was my bike, I would have the first turn down the hill.

I went to the top of the hill and waited while one of my friends made sure there were no cars coming. We were about 4 kids playing on that hill that day. The hill went down to a local street that had a little bit of occasional traffic. This was almost in front of my house. When I got there, I thought that if something was going to go wrong that day, I sure had picked the worst possible location to do it.

I raced down the street and because I was focusing on not falling, I didn’t realize that my friends were telling me to hold on and not continue down that hill. A car was coming, and I had no way of knowing that. The last thing I remember was hearing the car’s tires screeching down the street. I also tried to brake, and in the end, I managed to escape tragedy with only a few scratches.

The man in the next video is driving down the highway when he suddenly witnessed a horrific car crash. The car quickly engulfed in flames, and the man started fearing that people might have died lost. He grabs his fire extinguisher and points it to the flames. While he’s putting out the fire he sees a small child trying to get out.
Will he have enough time?