This Truckload Of Dogs And Didga Are Happy To Spend Some Time Down At The Beach!

Who doesn’t love a day at the beach? Children, dogs, cats, and even guinea pigs can enjoy a day off leisurely soaking up the sun. It’s clear that humans are not the only ones who love getting down around the beach and exploring where the ocean meets the land.

If you have been on this website before then you know about Didga the cat. Didga was taken in as a kitten at only 13 weeks old and raised by a dog owner. This owner runs an off leash training program and helps to train many dogs who have become unruly.

The incredible result of a cat growing up with a dog trainer means that the cat has learned some incredible tricks. This cat is not overly impressed by the rug sharing policy that Mum says that have between the cat and the dog.

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