The Truth About Pit Bull Owners! Must Watch!

Here’s a really beautiful tribute to Pit Bulls and their owners from all over the world, courtesy of Buzzfeed. It’s always refreshing to see a positive video of such a sweet breed.

There have been a lot of stereotyping and myths going around about the Pit Bull breed and as we all very well know, pretty much all of them are negative. It’s a horrible stereotype to place on such a loyal and loving dog.

The Pit Bull is a breed feared by many because of his size and incidences of attack (statistics don’t lie, they claim) but we firmly believe that there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. Dogs that are raised properly are calm, loyal, loving and patient, regardless of the breed.

Whether or not you agree with this video, it’s a very interesting watch. It’s really sad that Pit bulls get a bad rap all the time because of the way they are raised by their owners.

We firmly believe that any dog, regardless of size, age and race can be dangerous if not raised properly. Watch this great video about Pit Bulls that tells it like it is!

Pit Bulls are amazing and so is this video. Pit Bull lover or not – you’ll appreciate this touching tribute to the misunderstood breed.

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