We All Try Our Future Profession When We Are Young. This Three Year Old Gives Herself A Makeover!

Children do some silly stuff when they’re young. They don’t know any better. I remember when I first discovered a razor on the sink and I tried shaving like my dad did. Well.. I didn’t know that I was going to need that much toilet paper on my face to stop the bleeding. I was lucky, my parents found me early on. Then there’s this video of this three-year-old girl named Ansleigh, who got her hands on a pair of scissors…

Her father is filming this while talking to her. Ansleigh apparently admired the job that Miss Jessica, her stylist, did and decided to practice on herself. The results were.. mixed. It looked like she had a mullet, which is definitely not a style for a three-year old girl. It could have been worse… she could have shaved it all off, which would have probably sent Dad into a state of apoplexy.

The good thing about all of this is that the hair will grow back fast. Dad will probably take her to Miss Jessica the next day so that she can at least salvage something. He was pretty calm about it the whole time. She also made him promise that she should get scissors when she was older. Presumably she’ll have a better attention span for cutting her hair then. Maybe her stylist can mentor her over the years.

What’s really great about the video is that daddy affirms his love for her. He doesn’t browbeat her or make her feel dumb. No “What were you thinking? How could you do that?” There’s a tone of bemusement the entire time he’s talking to her. That’s being a good dad. She’ll learn and as she gets older, she’ll apply that to her own children. Who knows? This might be a stepping stone for her learning how to become a stylist. Or a counselor.

That girl was SO cute. She also communicated well for her age. What did you think of it? Tell us in the comments below!


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