“Try Not to Cry” Viral Challenge Will Leave You Feeling Inspired

The internet is full of a never-ending supply of fun challenges that you can try with your friends and family. When a Thai filmmaker created a commercial for a phone company, the latest challenge tugged gently on the viewer’s heartstrings.

Titled “Giving,” the ad starts out by showing a young boy stealing a small bottle from a market. An older woman catches him, hits him, and accuses him of stealing. It isn’t until a man nearby steps in that the entire narrative changes.

The gentleman owns a soup shop across the alley and gives the boy the bottle he was stealing after learning his mom is sick and gives him a free meal, money, and some painkillers.

While we won’t spoil the entire commercial for you, the premise is to be kind to everyone. You never know what someone is going through and how it could pay forward back to you in the future.