He is trying to film a report. Now keep a close eye on that silly horse behind him…

Horses are gorgeous creatures. However, different horses have different personalities. Some of them are calm, some are always nervous, some horses are mysterious, while some of them are silly beyond words. We don’t often think of these majestic creatures being silly or even having a sense of humor, but some of them are definitely quite the pranksters. I think this shows just how intelligent horses are.

One of these silly horses is featured in the video below! He is going to crack you up with his hilarious antics for sure! It appears some horses are just more curious than others, or maybe he was just bored and wanted to show off for the camera. But this horse proves he has a good sense of humor.

Standing in front of a camera and filming is pretty tough. But this poor Greek reporter’s job was made even harder thanks to the funny horses standing behind him. The horse is not at all shy and he interrupts the human in the cutest way possible.

The reporter even tried to redo the shot many times, but all in vain. The horse had something different in mind for the poor guy! It seems this horse had a certain attraction to this reporter and just didn’t want to leave him alone to do his job. The results are hilarious. I think the reporter handled it quite well.

Watch what the horse did in the clip below! Did this horse crack you up? Let us know what you thought about it in the discussion area below.