She Went on The Porch to Get a Photo of The Dog, but Got a LOT More

There are lots of pet videos on the internet. Some of them make us laugh, while some of them break us down in tears. One could argue that all of them are entertaining. The video given below is one of the most entertaining I have seen. You are going to be in hysterics when you see what happens in this clip.

Gretchen Hoey heard something from inside her house. So she rushed out to check out the noise. To her surprise, she saw something really funny. Two of her basset hound dogs were bundled up in a tiny dog house. These are fully grown basset hounds, not puppies, so she was surprised two of them would climb into the same doghouse.


She decided to film them, and when she got closer, she saw another pair of eyes in the back of the dog house. Could there be three, fully grown, basset hounds in this house? Yes, there were. But wait! What’s happening?

They are all awake now, and they want to come out to see mom. But when they started coming out of the tiny house, she was left in hysterics. It was like a clown car. The number of dogs coming out of that house at the end was five.


Five fully grown basset hounds came out of that house, and much more from in the yard. Watch this adorable video below to see how they come streaming out of their hiding place.

She Went on The Porch to Get a Photo of The Dog, but Got a LOT More