She Was Trying To Film A Yoga Video, But When Her Dog Does THIS, She Couldn’t Hold Back A Giggle!

If dogs have one downside it’s that they love being the center of attention. If you’re doing an activity that doesn’t involve your pet, you may get a rude interruption before too long. As the woman who filmed this video stated, “Kinda hard to do yoga when you have a Labrador prancing around!”

When this woman starts going through her daily yoga routine her dog, Maggie, has other ideas. Maggie picks up her favorite stuffed animal and starts weaving in amongst the yoga poses. This adorable Labrador will not be denied some attention.

It’s hard to keep concentration when you have a dog trying to get some attention. Maggie’s owner can’t help but laugh at this silly Labrador. You will be laughing at Maggie by the end of this video.

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