Toddler’s prayer has everyone laughing with joy

We all know that a baby’s brain is like a sponge. You can show them an awful lot in their first few years of life with patience and focus The adorable little girls in the clip below can recite the Lord’s Prayer by  memory already.

One day, dad asks them to say it for and you’ll notice that little Natalie gets on it right away. Watch as they both get distracted when mom comes home.

Nicole is the one that seems motivated to join in the prayer only when she notices that mom is now home. Maybe she thinks that she won’t be allowed to play without saying her prayers?

Dad temporarily stops them and then asks that they recite it for him together. At the beginning Nicole can’t keep but it’s funny as she continues because she just starts to jibber and jabber away at it. They try to continue but Nicole has had enough and starts to speed things up a bit to say the least because she just wants to go see her mommy!

A vocal outburst starts up for a little and poor Natalie tries to get a word in. I can see that mom comes in the house, but she never really appears on camera.  The character of these twins is going to leave you a smile and warm feeling in your heart so be sure to share the video as well as leave a comment. Just scroll down.

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