Tuffy The Captive Black Bear Frees Himself! The Elated Bear Celebrates Joyfully! Heart-Warming!

There are barbaric practices being conducted all over the world, many of them to animals. One of them is holding a black bear captive so his or her bile can be taken out and used for supposed medicinal purposes. That’s long in the past though, since synthetic and other herbs have taken its place. The people that held this bear for a long time didn’t get that memo and a rescue organization stepped in. Now watch this video of the bear, named Tuffy, in his new surroundings, realizing that he’s really, truly free.

It shows the bear in a watering hole and catches it in a giddy moment. Tuffy jumps up and down in the water, like “YEAH! I’m no longer in a cage! Woo-hoo! Free!!! BACKFLIP!” He’s even got a cool hammock to kick back and relax. Yeah, life is good. Going from a cramped cage to this large enclosure is a big upgrade for him. No, he’s not in the wild, but this is a close second for him.

People cling to antiquated ways of doing things because they fear progress. That’s why they kept Tuffy in the cage. To them, there was no other way of getting medicine other than to do this odious bile extraction. It’s not fair to him or any other bears. Hopefully this practice will go away in the near future. A lot of them need to become consigned to the dustbins of history.

Tuffy was lucky. People looked out for him. There are a lot of animals out there suffering in anonymity. A light must be shone on those too. Often there aren’t enough people who care enough to look for instances like these. Maybe the next generation will be able to step in and do the job that their predecessors could not. But in the meantime, Tuffy has earned his exuberant celebration. Long may he continue to do it.

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