Turkish Imam opens doors of his mosque all the time. I loved the reason why.

There are a lot of stray cats out there. They roam the streets looking for food and a place to sleep. This isn’t quite so bad when the weather is pleasant, but it can be brutal when it’s really hot or cold outside. Then they have to rely on the kindness of strangers to give them that shelter that they need. This video shows one place that does just that for them – and much, much more.

Imam Mustafa Efe has opened to the door to his mosque to allow all stray cats to come inside and make it their home. He doesn’t want them suffering when the weather gets cold. It does make for a fun scene, all these Muslims praying and cats are lounging around them. There’s even a cute picture of two of them in their prayer position, pointing towards Mecca and a cat is on his back next to them. One of the men is petting the cats while praying. Adorable.

Then there’s the video. A kitten has gotten outside the mosque and the mommy cat runs out and grabs him, bringing him back inside. She carries him all the way up some steps to the mimbar, which is like a preacher’s pulpit at a church. It would be funny to see Imam Efe giving a sermon and hearing kittens meowing at the same time. “It is important embrace Islam and… hold on a second… who’s a good widdle kitty? Who’s a good widdle kitty? OK. Where was I?”

We’re living in a time where there’s a lot of Islamophobia. Stories like this show that Muslims are not the evil people that various politicians and some members of the media have portrayed them as being. There are many Muslims that are equally as kind-hearted and good as people of other religious denominations. Here’s hoping that this video helps show them in a different light.”

What do you make of this? I thought it was very nice of him. What would you have done in his situation? Please tell us in the comments section below. We ask that you be respectful!

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