With The Turn Of A Key, This 18th Century Writing Desk Transforms Into Something Entirely Different! Incredible!

Abraham Roentgen is a German joiner and designer who founded what became one of Europe’s most widely renowned furniture workshops; he was the father of David Roentgen, the celebrated cabinetmaker to Queen Marie-Antoinette of France.

He opened a workshop that produced furniture of outstanding quality, often decorated with inlay work of ivory and other semiprecious materials. Much of this furniture was created for various German courts.

Roentgen’s son David succeeded him in 1772 as head of the firm; the two then worked in partnership until the senior Roentgen retired in 1784. The family workshop was famous for its fine Rococo-styled furniture and for music boxes, clocks, and mechanical toys.

One the pieces created by Abraham Roentgen is an 18th century writing desk.

When you first see Abraham Roentgen’s writing desk from the 18th century, you would think it is only a beautiful piece of antique furniture with intricate decor and amazing craftsmanship. But just you wait a second. With the simple turn of a key and the flip of a switch, this desk becomes something truly marvelous!

Secret compartments pop out from seemingly nowhere, until the writing desk is eventually transformed into a personal altar!

This desk was made for his premier patron, the Catholic official Johann Philipp von Walderdorff. Its interior holds a multitude of drawers, panels, and compartments, in addition to sophisticated mechanical fittings that safeguard the elector’s privacy.

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