He Turned On The Water. But His Pet Bird Had Me Smiling From Ear To Ear When He Did THIS!

Keeping a pet is a big job. You are responsible for their lives and wellbeing. No matter how small or big they might be, you also have to make sure that they are healthy, well fed, and happy. One of the hardest parts about keeping a pet is grooming and keeping them clean. As we know, trying to make a pet take a bath is a real struggle.

But the tiny bird in the video doesn’t follow that norm. This cute bird might be the easiest pet to clean up! He is really excited when the water gets going and he hops right up for bath time. What’s more, he even sings and hums a little tune while he bathes! I haven’t seen anything this cute in a long time, and maybe you haven’t as well!

This is a very small bird, but very beautiful and colorful, and certainly full of personality! Once his owner turns on the water and holds his hands under it, this little bird hops up onto his arms, investigates the situation, and quickly hops into his birdbath! The owner doesn’t do anything except cup his hands under the water.

This little guy just sings and whistles and is having the time of his life flitting around in the water. It’s very entertaining to watch, and I even find it kind of relaxing. I wonder how the owner figured out the bird would take a bath like this.

Watch this adorable birdie in the video below! Isn’t he the cutest? Let us know your thoughts about this video in your comments!

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