Turns Out Micro Pigs Aren’t Exactly Micro-Sized… If You’re Planning On Getting A Micro Pig, WATCH THIS!!

The craze started in 2009 when celebrities were seen carrying around micro pigs as pets. Suddenly everyone wanted one of those adorable little piggies! Everyone wanted the smallest and cutest piggy. Pig breeders started claiming that their pigs were smaller than other pigs and that they would remain small. But it turns out all of that was hocus. Watch the video and find out the truth about micro pigs!

Turns out those adorable tiny piglets grow up to be some massive pigs! And that is perfectly fine. Except when the only reason that these pigs were bought in the first place was because owners were told that they’d remain that small forever. Once the pigs start growing, owners are faced with some challenging questions like: “Do I still want my pig?” “Can I afford to take care of a huge pig as compared to a micro pig?” “Do I have the space for such a big pig?” All these are important questions that apparently people should be asking themselves before they decide to get micro pigs as pets.

Do you have a pig as a pet? How much has he grown since you’ve had him? Let us know your experiences in the comments below!

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