When She Turns On The Radio Her Cockatoo Decided To Do THIS!

Dance is a great way of working out the stress in your day-to-day life. This is why kids would just break into dance at a moment’s notice; even adults have been known to spontaneously break into dance to work off the extra energy of the day.

Humans are not the only creature that loves to dance; you will find many videos on the Internet of animals dancing and enjoying life. In this video you will meet a cockatoo named Louie Bird who is a dancing aficionado.

Teresa Buxton, who is Louie bird’s owner, captured his incredible antics on film to share with us. When Louis hears “Shake your groove thing” on the radio he can’t help himself but start to jive to the toe tapping tune. I won’t spoil it but the best part is definitely at the end!

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