He turns on the radio. But when his parrot heard this song playing? What a hoot!

When it comes to our pets we never can really tell what is going on in their heads. We love them dearly and would do most anything for them but that doesn’t mean that we have any idea what they’re thinking.

Our pets are incredibly important to us. While many of us have all different kinds of pets I think it’s fair to say that we consider them a part of our family and want anyone who comes into our homes to treat them as such.

While cats and dogs are the most popular pets out there birds are quickly rising in popularity. Parrots in particular are rapidly becoming a pet of choice for many people who may not have considered them before. With the popularity of animal videos many more people are seeing bird videos and see just how birds act and behave and we’re sure that this has a direct impact on the popularity rise in these animals.

This featured video shows a Rose Breasted Cockatoo named Rosie. Rosie is a sassy little thing and isn’t afraid to get her birdie groove on. While birds are known for their mimicking skills this bird seems to have dancing skills instead. Rosie loves to dance and can often be seen just dancing on her perch and enjoying her own moves. When you watch this video we’re sure you will fall in love with Rosie and her talented feet!

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