TV Host Laughs Until He Cries And Struggles To Breathe After Colleague Makes A Weird Noise

“This Morning” is a daytime television show on Britain’s ITV network that has been on the air for nearly 30 years. The show covers news, celebrities, style trends, home and garden, health, and more. It’s not that different from American morning TV staples like “The Today Show” or “Good Morning America.”

One great thing about live television is that there are sometimes unscripted moments of hilarity. Maybe something goes wrong on the set and the team has to find a way for the show to go on. Interviews have been known to go wrong in the best sense of the word. The people who work on major TV shows are professionals who know their stuff: improvisation and ad-libbing are second nature. But there are times when even seasoned television personalities have a pent-up case of the giggles and it only takes a tiny spark to set off the powder keg. People we’re used to seeing calm, cool, and collected are reduced to an utterly helpless state of laughter.

In the video posted below, the giggles hit This Morning’s hosts Phillip and Holly in a big way. It all starts when Phillip starts to giggle after catching a frog in his throat. Holly makes a strange noise and soon they both lose it. Poor Phillip is left laughing until he’s literally in tears and even gasping for breath. Holly isn’t doing much better. It takes several minutes for the duo get themselves under some semblance of control. Meanwhile, the sound technicians have a chance to isolate Holly’s weird sound. When it’s played back, they lose it again!

Phillip even wants Holly’s sound as his cell phone ringtone!

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