This Version of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ For Pets and Their People Will Make You Go Aww

To get us into the Christmas mood, enjoy a jolly old laugh from this rendition of the festive season favorite, “T’was The Night Before Christmas”. For a unique twist, the traditional poem is performed on this video clip by an unusual selection of orators – family pets!

In a cleverly put together video, we are entertained by a wide array of cats and dogs of every shape and size adding their contribution to the lines of each verse. Some are star performers, and some need a little prompting.

They are variously dressed wearing Christmas apparel like Santa hats, or performing around Christmas trees, in lounges and even outdoors. The pets are all full of joy, opening presents and eating Christmas treats or just enjoying each other’s company.

Other types of pets also offer their interpretations of the poem, including some very loquacious guinea pigs and some chatterbox budgies. There is even an alpaca putting his two cents worth into the effort.

This has to be the best “talking pets” video ever. The performance definitely delivers a comical version of the poem for the entertainment of animal-lovers and Christmas-lovers alike.

So, for a very merry Christmas for you and your loved ones, including your furrier family members, watch the video and have a good laugh.

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This Version of \'Twas The Night Before Christmas\' For Pets and Their People Will Make You Go Aww