Twin Girl Has A Medical Emergency! What Her Sister Did For Her Is BREATHTAKING!

There are some who scoff at the power of love in terms of helping people heal from life-threating injuries. Those people haven’t met Jeff and Peggy Kehoe and their twin daughters Hailey and Jenna. They almost lost Hailey to a terrible internal thing going on in her head and while it looked grim, Jenna’s simple declaration was something that brought her back from the brink of death.

Hailey fell to the floor in the bathroom one night. It was bad, she was lethargic and didn’t want to open her eyes. The first hospital said she had a brain bleed and there was nothing that could be done. Enter Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. She was airlifted there and doctors did what they could there. She was still comatose, but her twin sister told her that she couldn’t live without her. Hailey was found to have a malformation that would have brought more brain bleeds, but that was fixed.

While Hailey was able to pull through after the malformation was fixed, she wasn’t unscathed. Her vocal chords became very weak and she talks now in a raspy voice that almost sounds like a smoker’s. As far as the list of problems to focus on go, that is like No. 1,000 for her. She’s back with her family and she’s intent on becoming an art teacher. Hopefully, that will come true for her. In fact, ‘Hope’ is now a mantra of hers.

I can’t imagine what it was like for Jeff and Peggy, seeing their beautiful tween daughter go from being seemingly healthy to comatose. The fact that it took Jenna to help spur her back to recovery is remarkable, but it’s not completely surprising, given how strong a bond that twins tend to form. There was no way that Hailey was going to let her sister grow up without her. That bond will never be broken.

Does anyone here have a similar bond with a twin or even a sibling? Has something similar happened to you or someone you know? Feel free to weigh in the comments section below!

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