Twin Babies Start “Talking” With Each Other In Crib. Their Whole “Conversation” Rules.

Babies are adorable. That’s a given. When you put two of them together, their cuteness intensifies. When they start babbling to each other – look out. There are almost no words for how cute they are. It’s hypnotizing seeing them “converse” with each other. There’s a reason these videos are so popular. Take this video of two twins together and you’ll see why most people reflexively reach for the “Like” button.

We see a close-up of two twins facing each other. Yes, I know, this sounds like the four other videos like this that we’ve written about. This one is different. They start to babble to each other, with one seeming to nod in agreement with the other from time to time. Could they be communicating with each other? I wouldn’t put it past the twin bond that they developed in utero. “Ok. Ready? Ready” “Yep” “Now!” “POOP!” “Oh, man, you should have seen Daddy’s nose wrinkle at that one…”

This video made me think of a whole bunch of things that they could have been talking about. “I’m hungry for milk… you hungry for milk?” “Yup.” “Mmm. Milk I wonder if they are heating up a bottle for us?” “Entirely possible.” “Oops.” “What?” “All this thinking about milk made me have to go to the bathroom.” “Oh boy.” “What do I have to do to tell Daddy over there to change my diaper?”

There’s one thing that I can’t fathom. This video has over 18,000,000 views and 20,000 likes, but there’s also nearly 1,200 dislikes. How could people dislike this video? What is wrong with them? It’s a sad world when that many people can give this a thumbs down. The twins will be six in 2017 and they can probably look at this video now and wonder, “What did we do to upset those people?” Don’t worry Merle and Stijn, in that case it’s them, not you.

Weren’t these twins adorable? I watched this video several times. Some of it was to pretend what their conversation was about, true, but I enjoyed it each time. How about you? Please leave your opinion in the comments section below.

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