Twin Baby Girls Are Sitting On Floor. Their Reaction When Daddy Comes Home? PRECIOUS!

There’s just something about seeing your baby smile at you that makes your whole day. Sure, they can be cranky pooping machines at times, but when their faces light up at the sight of you, you forget those problems. You might have to hold your nose if you go near their diaper to do that, but you still love your child. Seeing this video of twin seven-month-old twin girls happily smiling when their daddy comes home melted me.

The girls, named Anabel and Lydia are sitting on the floor, near their Boppy pillows. The front door opens off-camera. Daddy’s home! They had looked a little cranky before. Maybe one of them had accused the other of soiling their diaper. Never mind that now. Their father’s home. Pure joy radiates across their faces and they start waving their arms up and down as he greets them at the door.

Babies identify with their parents REALLY early on. Why not? For much of their early formative years, mommy and daddy are their whole world. Sure, other people may visit and there may be pets, but their main focus is on those two adults. I’m not sure that they really understand the passage of time at that age, but they do seem to realize that daddy has disappeared for a bit and is now back. All is right with the world for them.

These twins are much older now, since the video was shot in February 2010. They probably are still at the age where they are happy to see their daddy when he gets home. Wait until they are teens though… it’ll probably be: “Daddy’s home!” “So? I’m SO STRESSED. YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ME!” and then the slamming of doors. Daddy will probably want to sit and watch this video then…

Wasn’t this video SO adorable? I couldn’t get enough of watching their little baby faces break into those huge grins. What did you think? Please tell us in the comments section below!

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