Kyle’s Twin Can’t Speak – but Korey’s Best Man Speech Has Everyone Sobbing

There are many stories we have heard about identical twins and the special bond they have, from feeling pain almost at the same time to being able to sense if the one another is in significant danger. This story is a similar one, but not in that sense. This is a story of two identical twins, Korey and Kyle Soderman, the incredible bond they share and the unconditional love and loyalty they both have for one another.

When they were born, they, of course, looked very similar, except for the fact that Kyle was born healthy and Korey was born with cerebral palsy. This condition strengthened their relationship, and from a very young age, Kyle willingly became Korey’s protector. They did everything together; both really enjoy each other’s company’s up to this day.


They appear in countless videos together and are always having fun, of course in order to move more freely, Korey has to use a special chair, and when he feels like dancing, Kyle is always happy to carry and hold his brother as he sings and dances when he feels like it. Now, some people will sometimes ask Kyle if he ever got physically tired of carrying his brother, but he would always respond: “He ain’t heavy.” To honor this and always remind everyone who might ask him, he had a tattoo with this same message done on his right arm, along with a cardinal and a heart.

The day when Kyle met Jess, the girl who would eventually be his wife, of course, Jess grew very close to Korey as well. So, when Korey, who would, of course, be the ‘best man’ had to come up with his official speech, he knew that it had to be something special and that he would definitely need his brother’s help to read it for him. To make this easier and also more humorous, he did it in the form of a slide show, along with instructions for Kyle and action prompts for him to follow.


The marriage took place, and now it was time to reveal what Korey’s best-man speech was and surely his brother would be there to help. Even though everyone is very much aware of the close relationship Korey and Kyle have, everyone had high hopes for it and was also wondering the tone the speech would follow, would it be humorous and cheery as Korey usually was or would it have a more serious tone to it?

The speech has now been announced, everyone is ready, and Kyle starts to read. He starts confidently but then stops when he reads his brother’s message. What he sees brings tears to his eyes and makes it very difficult for him to continue and has to take a pause to continue; what follows is truly touching.

We could tell you so much more about this amazing speech from Korey, spoken by Kyle, but it is hard to write with so many tears flowing. This is a genuinely heartwarming and beautiful story that all should see.

Korey’s speech is interwoven with tales of their childhood, humor, and some amazing stories of their antics together growing up. This has to be the best ever in the history of best-man speeches, indeed.

Kyle\'s Twin Can\'t Speak - but Korey\'s Best Man Speech Has Everyone Sobbing