These Twin Brothers Are Having A Conversation. When You Hear What They Are Saying? LOL!

Sometimes the smallest people have the biggest personalities. Take, for example, the little twin brothers in the video given below. The twins were just 17 months old when this video was shot, but it seems they have lots of things in their minds that they want to share with each other.

It is well known that twins have an amazing ability to communicate with each other, even in the womb, in a way that non-twin siblings cannot. It seems these two have mastered that communication technique. They seem to understand each other perfectly.

I can’t understand even a bit of their conversation, but it looks like the one on the left is reprimanding his brother for not having two socks on. Or maybe I am reading too much into their adorable little chat. No matter what, it is cute and hilarious! Perhaps we should take “baby language” lessons to glean what they are going on about!

These twins are standing in the kitchen and one of them has shed his shoes and one sock. I think the other one, the more talkative one, wants his socks off too, but maybe he doesn’t know how. It looks like his brother is trying to show him, but without success. Who knows what they are really talking about, but it sure is cute to watch.

Isn’t this the most adorable thing you’ve seen all day? Let us know your thoughts on the conversation between these twins through your comments!