Twin baby girls are having the sweetest conversation, just wait till you hear them!

When it comes to our children we really can’t say enough about them. When anyone brings up our kids we literally gush about how amazing they are, which we firmly believe. There is no way you could tell any parent that their child isn’t the brightest, cleverest child in the entire world, because we all truly believe that to be true.

While parents believe their children are the most amazing entity in the world, you will never convince them otherwise, there really are some truly incredible things that babies are able to do at an incredibly young age. There are babies who have started speaking at mere months old, some have learned to read and write while under the age of one. But I think there is something extraordinary when it comes to twins.

The things about twins that has captivated us for hundreds of years is that twins seem to have a sort of language all of their own. Not that all twins are able to communicate with all other twins but just to their specific twin. The two seem to have formed a special language somewhere along the way and while its mostly in childhood that these children seem to be able to communicate with it there are some twins who stay in tuned with each other to an extraordinary degree throughout their entire lives.

In this featured video you will see two twin girls who are still little babies. These two girls are having a great time chattering away to one another and it is clear that they are obviously understanding one another. While this video was taken back in 2008, so these girls are now eight years old, their mom says that they still seem to be able to communicate with each other on a different level then with everyone else. Maybe these two cuties will keep that secret language for the rest of their lives, but just watch this video and see for yourself!

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