Twin Girls Get Life Changing Surgery on Their First Birthday! The Reason Will Break Your Heart.

To be a twin is a bond that cannot be imitated. The connection you share is something too personal and too deep for most to understand. For some, it can be a symptom of annoyance, especially on birthdays. It’s a two-sided coin when it comes to having an identical twin. These twins have it a little bit deeper than most. Twin sisters Miracle and Testimony are identically conjoined.

Mother Mary and Father Samuel Ayeni left their jobs and life in Nigeria to move to America. They moved to Memphis, Tennessee, where they worked hard for an honest living. Upon moving, they scoped out hospitals and did research. Meeting regularly with doctors at Le Bonheir Children’s hospital for plans on how to separate the darling little girls without impacting their lives beyond repair.

For months, the team worked up ideas and thought of procedures to implement. They rehearsed and rehearsed. Some dangerous surgeries can turn from a minute to seconds’ situation at the drop of a pin. To account for all the possibilities so they can react accordingly in a calm, fast and precise manner. It sounds stressful as all heck. “We only ask one question,” Meri Armour, CEO of Le Bonheur, “is it right for the kids? If It is, then we do it.” Wow. A simple yet poignant point.

Luckily the commitment and planning paid off. After one year of them being conjoined, they successfully separated these two chubby cheeked cuties. Miracle and Testimony will have completely different, better lives. I’m sure they are already experiencing the amazing differences. What a courageous group of surgeons.
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