Twin Holds Baby Son In Front Of His Brother. The Prank They Came Up With Is Epic!

I’ve always wondered what life with a twin brother or sister would be like. Going to each other’s classes, playing pranks on people, just having a buddy to always talk about things with. Chances are good that we’d be finishing each other’s sentences. It’d be so much fun. This video here focuses on the playing pranks part of twindom. It’s a great one that involves a baby that takes the joke so well.

We see a pair of twins standing facing each other. One holds his baby and asks “Where’s Daddy?” The baby points at the twin and gets handed over there. Then the twin asks, “Where’s Daddy?” Baby points at other one. It’s a game of Musical Daddies, though there’s no music and no one wins when stopping at the end. The twins can’t keep from cracking up each time and we hear Mommy laughing in the background.

It’s funny. The twins keep changing their look and the baby is content to point to the other one and say “Dada” to get handed over there. It wouldn’t surprise me if the kid actually knew which one was his dad and wanted to just get passed around. I spent the video saying, “C’mon. One has different hair than the other!” Then again, I am not a baby. Wait. Don’t ask my wife about that. She might disagree.

I do have to admit that it must be confusing for a baby to see identical twins. Maybe they think they are getting passed around a mirror. Twins are such an amazing phenomenon. I’ve always been impressed when I see them. A couple of friends of mine in college were twins and it took me six months to tell the two of them apart. I’m sure that, over time, this little guy will be able to tell his dad and his uncle apart.

What a cute video. Didn’t you like it? I thought it was a sweet prank going on. Everybody seemed to be having fun. Have you had any experience meeting with twins? Tell us all about it in the comments section.

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