These Twin Newborn Girls Faced Terrible Disease. What Happened Next Inspired Me.

Learning that your child is gravely sick has to be one of the worst feelings out there. Nearly every parent would transfer that illness to their own body if they could. It’s hard at nearly every age, but to learn that your newborns have something that might kill them is extremely hard to bear. That’s the situation that Alyssa and Michael Dunn faced when their twins, Isabella and Madeleine, were given a horrible prognosis.

After Alyssa gave birth to the twins, they received bad news: they both had a very rare form of cancer. The cancer itself was rare but both of them contracting it at the same time? So rare as to be almost remote. It happened though, and the cancer was inoperable. That only left chemotherapy as an option. It’s hard enough on an adult, but on a baby? Alyssa and Michael began intently praying for their children.

Things looked grim for the two of them. Then they tried something – they put the twins together in a crib… and they started laughing and babbling to each other. Soon their recovery reached a point that they could continue the treatments at home. Now they are cancer-free. There could be a million explanations as to what happened, but many feel that the power of prayer played a big factor in it.

Isabella and Madeleine aren’t babies anymore – they are growing into young girls. Alyssa and Michael give them a big celebration each year for their birthday because they are so grateful to have them in their lives after what happened. I won’t be surprised if they go far in life, because they have beaten long odds. They were given a second chance at life, either through science or a miracle, however you want to say it, and they will likely reach for the stars.

These two twins inspired me with their resilience. So did their parents. How about you? Were you moved by this? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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