Twin Tots Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze. Very Cute!

Kids always do the darndest things. These twins think it is hilarious when their dad starts sneezing and they can’t help but want to make the same noise.

Even though they are so young, they start making sneezing noises, complete with the ‘Aaa-choos’ and sneeze actions with a certain amount of baby drool flying all over the place. These twins have captured the hearts of internet users all over the globe, and this video went viral, getting over 15 million views! WOW!


Twins may be double the trouble, but they do bring double the fun to your lives as well! I love the way they give those cheeky grins while they are copying their dad’s sneeze. Mimicry is a great form of microevolution, causing the babies to reproduce certain behavior that they observe from their parents unknowingly. I love how the babies are encouraged by their mom, who says ‘Bless you’ to them.

I couldn’t watch this video just once; I watched this over five times. And every time I am taken aback at how adorable the babies are. Now I want ones just like them.

Twin Tots Mimic Daddy\'s Sneeze. Very Cute!