Twins hear Johnny Cash for the first time and show us they’re country boys at heart

Reece and Levi are an adorable pair of nine month-old twin boys. They were quite literally just hanging out in their brand-new Jolly Jumpers when their dad decided it was already time to introduce them to country music legend Johnny Cash.

Their dad chose to cue up “Folsom Prison Blues,” a classic Johnny Cash ballad that describes a hard life that eventually leads to a long stay at the big house. Interestingly, Cash performed this song at the actual Folsom State Prison in 1968. Now, okay, maybe the lyrics don’t quite square with image presented by the young performers you see in the video we’ve posted below. After all, it’s hard to imagine either of these boys ever doing hard time at Folsom State Prison. Even crazier is the idea that either would ever go to Reno and shoot a man just so they could watch him die. These are, after all, adorable little twin boys, not dangerous outlaws. Ironic, then, that they are somewhat… confined… in this hilarious video.

Of course, you don’t have to live the kind of life described in a Johnny Cash song to appreciate the music, as millions of his devoted fans have over the years.  Reece and Levi obviously loved the tune, grasped the rhythm, and were quick to show it. The boys keep the train rolling right through the song. They even throw in a few appropriate vocals as they bounce their way through Folsom State.

If you love seeing kids discovering the wonders of music and then showing it off, you’ll find this video both funny and heartwarming.

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