Twins lie side by side – suddenly one of them bursts into unstoppable fit of laughter

Twins are particularly unusual human beings. I know because I am one, having shared a womb with my sister and at some point, while we were in there I bashed the top of her ear in, so that even now, at the ripe old age of our late 30’s, she’d got a cleft where a normal ear should be. I deformed her before we were even born. Take that sister! One-nil!

Of course, I love her dearly, and as most twins will testify there is a certain, unbreakable bond between the two of you that not even a playful bit of pre-birth ear punching can put asunder. You’re going to be together through thick and thin, and all the ups and downs that come over spending your lives often inexplicably linked. I was heard to comment in my early years that I wasn’t looking forward to the moment my sister got pregnant, just in case I start to feel it while driving at 90 in a hired car, some 20,000 miles away in a country with dodgy roads. Thankfully, we’ve yet to experience that twin phenomenon – and she doesn’t want kids anyway.

But we did have some funny stuff happen to us when we were younger – not too dissimilar from this adorable pair. We’d make up words that nobody else would know the meaning of and then burst into fits of laughter when someone would ask us what we were talking about. To this day, we’ve no idea what we were talking about either, but it was a lot of fun regardless!

So, I can see the joy here with these two twin sisters, who can’t be more than a few months old, side by side in their crib. All of a sudden, one of the girls just decides to start laughing and we’re left to quizzically guess why. My money is on the fact that her sister is drooling and making farting noises – but really it could be anybody’s guess. One thing’s for sure though – much like our made-up words at that age – nobody will ever know the reason behind it. It will remain a mystery.

Then, there’s a very strong possibility that mom or dad is behind the camera pulling funny faces.

Either way, it’s an adorable clip of footage you’ll want to share with anyone you know who shared a womb – or even those who did not – just so you can make them jealous they’re not a twin. It really is that special.