Twins watch their cute Pomeranian playing for the first time. You’ll laugh at their reaction

Nothing really comes close to a baby’s laughter. More often than not, they burst into an infectious laughter that radiates on to everyone in the room. If you ever are grumpy or in a bad mood, do yourself a favor and watch one or even a compilation of vines on babies laughing. They’ll go a long way in lifting your spirits. They certainly lift mine. You can find loads and loads on the internet- enough to deliver you from the day’s stress but the video featured below is the most hilarious yet.

This set of young twin boys were sitting on their play playpen with their cute Pomeranian. The dog tries to reach out to some snack of its owner’s hand. This causes the babies to burst out in laughter. The babies were sitting directly opposite their cute dog. They might well have been handed some popcorns- it was as though they were an audience to your favorite standup comedian who was performing live. The owner, presumably the babies mum, raises her hand a tad higher than the last time. The dog tries to match this by jumping as high but its efforts are futile.

What he doesn’t know is that its mum is doing this deliberately just so that her babies can be entertained which also is entertaining to her. I bet she’s thinking, “If it makes them happy, I’m happy. Anything for my little boys.” That’s she needed to crack them up- a front row seat to their favorite show. The manner in which the dog wags its tail also adds to their pleasure. They are obviously too little to laugh to tears but they are having the time of their lives- it sends them into fits of laughter.

Watch this cute video below. Tell us in the comments section below if it brought a smile on your face.