Two Abused Pit Bulls Meet For The First Time And Then They Do THIS! Unbelievable!

Hope For Paws rescued two beautiful pit bulls from destructive environments. They are named Cadence and Chance. When they found Cadence, it was obvious that she had suffered years of abuse and neglect. Her body was full of wounds and scars. She was used as a bait dog in dog fighting rings. But after her rescue, she was on her way to recovery. A day later, she met Chance, and Chance wanted to help her with her pain.

These two were rescued separately and despite barely knowing each other, they immediately shared a deep bond with one another. So this heartwarming “dance” is more special than we might give it credit for. When Cadence was rescued and brought to the center, she met Chance and he was so gentle with her and licked her wounds. It was incredibly touching to watch him try to ease her pain.

Their relationship is still one of friendship. They formed a close bond and in this video you can see them during a happy time, after being rescued, when they can both be free and dance. I’m so relieved to see them recovering and happy.

Both of these beautiful dogs are now adopted by loving families! I do not know if they were adopted together. I don’t think so, but hopefully they can visit each other. What’s important is that they are both in loving homes.

Watch Cadence and Chance dance in the video below! What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments!

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