Two artists live off-grid in self-sufficient island home

Many of us have a dream home in our mind, but this couple in Tofino, B.C. has made their dream home into a reality, and they have given their home the name Freedom Cove.

Situated in a little inlet, Freedom Cove is a home unlike any other. It functions as both art and home for Catherine and Wayne. Perhaps most uniquely, this home is entirely sustainable.

From the moment Catherine and Wayne first met, they started conversations about wanting to live in nature and explore the outside world. But when their home was destroyed in a storm, they were offered a clean slate to create their dream home.

They moved into Freedom Cove in 1992, but it was not a sprawling work of art when they started. “When we first started, the important thing, of course, was to have a roof over our heads,” said Catherine.

Because Catherine was a dancer, the couple developed a dance area, but Freedom Cove started to take shape when it came time for Catherine to begin growing her food.

After the logistics of greenhouses and floats for plants took shape, the gallery came next. Since Catherine and Wayne are artists, this gave them a space to display their works.

While Catherine and Wayne are content with their off-the-grid way of life, they know that this way of living is not for everyone. “We recommend that everyone do their own dream.”

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Two artists live off-grid in self-sufficient island home