Two beavers, Maple and Filbert, build a dam together

At the animal sanctuary two beavers, Maple and Filbert, are working together to build a dam. They drag sticks to the flowing water.

Maple and Filbert are two beavers who aren’t just best friends, they are also coworkers. Their job is to build a dam to stop the flowing water near their home in the animal sanctuary.

They leave their house to embark on their journey to find the proper sticks to carve with their teeth. This is to make the sticks the proper size and also to keep their teeth strong.

With the help of some of the sanctuary employees as well they bring the sticks to the water, placing them carefully and strategically right on the point where the water starts flowing.

At some points they have to get right under the water, shaking it off right after when they are away from it. With a few sticks placed they take snack breaks in between.

One of the beavers finds a nice large branch to snack on and seems to decide it is his lunch break. He drags the branch all the way back home and begins to chew.

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