Little Girl Makes A Wish At Snow White’s Wishing Well And Finds That Disneyland Really Is Magical

There has been something about the magic of Disney for so many years now, that nearly everyone in the world has heard of something Disney-related. A trip to the Magic Kingdom is almost always on a wish list for a child once they hear about its existence. If you have ever been there yourself, then you understand – even as an adult.

During a trip to Disneyland, these two children get their greatest, deepest desire. With the two exploring around, meeting princes and princesses, they see a wishing well. After seeing the 3D version of their favorite and most loved characters, they take a break to the side near the wishing well. Four-year-old Alyssa and younger brother Liam find themselves huddled together over the well and think about what they want most in the world.

It would seem they already have it being at Disneyland, but there’s something else missing from the equation. After they get escorted to the wishing well by none other than Snow White, she’s asked what she will wish for. Little Alyssa thinks long and hard over the many sounds and silence. Her response will leave you in tears.

I couldn’t believe how this story ended. It was overwhelmingly warm. I could give it away, but there is just a little bit of magic exuding from the screen when you see the wish of these two kids come true. Don’t miss this tear-jerking happy video below – and don’t forget the tissues.

Little Girl Makes A Wish At Snow White\'s Wishing Well And Finds That Disneyland Really Is Magical